Publications - Elisa Ricci


Year: 2012

  • T. Ciarfuglia, G. Costante, P. Valigi and E. Ricci. "A Discriminative Approach for Appearance Based Loop Closing". Internation Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). 2012. [More] [Online version]
  • L. Porzi, E. Ricci, T. Ciarfuglia and M. Zanin. "Visual-inertial Tracking on Android for Augmented Reality Applications". EESMS. 2012. [More]
  • A. Ragnacci, M. Pastorelli, P. Valigi and E. Ricci. "Exploiting dimensionality reduction techniques for photovoltaic power forecasting". ENERGYCON. 2012. [More]
  • L. Bissi, G. Baruffa, P. Placidi, E. Ricci, A. Scorzoni and P. Valigi. "Patch based yarn defect detection using Gabor filters". IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference. 2012. [More]
  • M. Tiribuzi, M. Pastorelli, P. Valigi and E. Ricci. "A Multiple Kernel Learning Framework for Detecting Altered Fingerprints". International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). 2012. [More]
  • E. Ricci, G. Zen, S. Messelodi and N. Sebe. "A Prototype Learning Framework using EMD: Application to Complex Scenes Analysis", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI). 2012. [More]
  • G. Zen, N. Rostamzadeh, J. Stajano, E. Ricci and N. Sebe. "Enhanced Semantic Descriptors for Functional Scene Categorization". International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). 2012. [More]
  • G. Zen, E. Ricci and N. Sebe. "Exploiting Sparse Representations for Robust Analysis of Noisy Complex Video Scenes". European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV). 2012. [More]
  • R. Vieriu et al.. "Boosting-based Transfer Learning for Multi-View Head-Pose Classification From Surveillance Videos". EUSIPCO. 2012. [More]

Year: 2011

  • G. Zen, E. Ricci, S. Messelodi and N. Sebe. "Sorting Atomic Activities for Discovering Spatio-temporal Patterns in Dynamic Scenes". International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP). 2011. pp. 207-216. [More] [Online version]
  • G. Zen and E. Ricci. "Earth Mover's Prototypes: a Convex Learning Approach for Discovering Activity Patterns in Dynamic Scenes". Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). 2011. [More] [Online version]

Year: 2010

  • G. Zen, B. Lepri, E. Ricci and O. Lanz. "Space Speaks - Towards Socially and Personality Aware Visual Surveillance". ACM MM'10 Workshop, Multimodal Pervasive Video Analysis Workshop (MPVA), Firenze, Italy. 2010. [More] [Online version]
  • E. Ricci, F. Tobia and G. Zen. "Learning Pedestrian Trajectories with Kernels". International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). 2010. pp. 149-152. [More] [Online version]
  • G. Zen, O. Lanz, S. Messelodi and E. Ricci. "Tracking Multiple People with Illumination Maps". International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). 2010. pp. 3484-3487. [More] [Online version]

Year: 2009

  • E. Ricci and J.-M. Odobez. "Learning large margin likelihoods for realtime head pose". International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). 2009. [More]
  • S. Duffner, J.-M. Odobez and E. Ricci. "Dynamic Partitioned Sampling For Tracking With Discriminative Features". British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC). 2009. [More]

Year: 2008

  • E. Ricci, T. De Bie and N. Cristianini. "Magic Moments for Structured Output Prediction", Journal of Machine Learning Research, Vol. 9. 2008, pp. 2803-2846. [More]

Year: 2007

  • R. Perfetti, E. Ricci, D. Casali and G. Costantini. "Cellular neural network with virtual template expansion for Retinal Vessel Segmentation", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Vol. 54. 2007, pp. 141-145. [More]
  • E. Ricci, T. De Bie and N. Cristianini. "Learning to Align: A Statistical Approach". International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis. 2007. [More]
  • E. Ricci and R. Perfetti. "Retinal blood vessel segmentation using line operators and support vector classification", IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging, Vol. 26. 2007, pp. 1357-1365. [More]
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