Harness (Human telecontrolled Adaptive Robotic NEtwork of SensorS)

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Research Area: Robotics and Perception
Status: In progress  
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  • ENEA
Proposed start date: 2010-03-17  
Funded by: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

This project is aimed at the integration among the individual, collective and communication controls of a multi robot system to ensure full operation capabilities. The chosen test case will be based on an underwater swarm of simple autonomous mobile communication nodes with sensing capabilities for environmental monitoring. The global control architecture will come from the study of an equilibrium among three basic issues: the human furnished goals, the need for reliable inter-nodal communications (that affects the geometrical configuration), the local planning and the priorities of the single individual. The equilibrium will change depending on the assigned tasks, the survival risk associated to the operation of each robot and the risk associated to the loss of connection with the multi body system as a whole. In order to minimize the computational effort of the single individual a neural network approach will be studied for the management of the supervising equilibrium.