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The University of Perugia has been established more than 700 years ago, and is one of the oldest university in Italy. Within it, the Electronic and Information Engineering Department (DIEI) covers the areas related to information systems, electronics, automation, computer science, telecommunications.

The Service and Industrial Robotics and Automation Laboratory (SIRALab), which is part of DIEI, carries out research activities on control systems, robotics and autonomous systems, engineering for medicine and biology, and systems biology. The group is also involved in a number of technology transfer projects covering the above areas, as well as general control and automation problems.

The research mission of the SIRALab group is to develop solutions and methods of interest for service robotics and autonomous systems, with application to mobile robots, underwater vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.


Main research areas

Aerial and Underwater Robotics: Over the years many lines of research have been activated in the area of Aerial Robotics. This include design, deployment and testing of UAVs systems, flight guidance and control schemes, sensors and actuator faults diagnosis schemes, fault tolerant control, non-linear adaptive and learning control, optical feedback based control schemes for UAVs in flight operations such as autonomous aerial refuelling.  Vision based localization and navigation problems are studied also in the Area of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV).

Perception in Robotics: Perception is one of the key enablers to deploy autonomous robots in realistic and unpredictable environments. Research at SIRALab focuses on the development of robot perception systems, with specific interest for systems employing vision and range sensors. Current activities cover the study of innovative methodologies for sensor fusion, the use of computer vision and machine learning tools for scene modelling, place recognition, loop closing and in general localization problems.

Medical and biological applications: SIRALab group is also active on engineering tools for medical and biological applications, such as artificial pancreas simulation, hydrocephalus pressure control and management, systems biology.

News flash

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Challenges in Robotics

Down to Earth


Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) 2012
University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
July 9-July 13, 2012

SIRALab participates to
the European Robotics Week
28th of November – 4th of December 2011

ITIS Volta - Perugia
euRobotics Week 29.11.2011


The RobotiGar Contest
ITIS Allievi - Terni
euRobotics Week 01.12.2011